About Us

Dri-It, Inc., is a Texas-based corporation that manufactures desiccant products for sale at wholesale to distributors and retailers who serve households, small and large businesses, and governmental agencies in North America. Growth into additional geographical markets is expected.

Dri-It, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Dri-It, Inc., holds itself to the highest ethical, environmental and customer service standards


About Our Products

Dri-It, Inc., produces humidity absorbing products (desiccants) that are more effective and perform in better ways than the competition.  Also, Dri-It, Inc., is developing new products that solve problems addressed by no other products.

Dri-It, Inc., uses the highest quality products that are also effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  In both patented and non-patented products, the active ingredients are all-natural.  Packaging is the minimum required to protect the product before use and to effectively present the product during use.  All products and packaging are safely disposable with regular trash.

Every product is intended to exceed user expectations.  We strive for satisfaction in every way – appearance, suitability for intended uses, extendibility to unexpected uses, quality, effectiveness, longevity, disposability, environmental friendliness, and fair pricing.

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Dri-It, Inc.
PO Box 1111
Cedar Park, TX 78630

Email: support@dri-it.com

Phone: (855) 953-7448